We are pleased to share that we are presenting our portfolio of virtual people solutions to attendees at Microsoft’s Natural Computer Interactions seminar on April 25 in San Francisco. Here’s an excerpt from the news release:

During the presentation, we will demonstrate its artificial intelligence-powered virtual agents to educate attendees about the potential for enterprise bots that can handle routine and repetitive tasks by engaging with the customer over chat or voice, learning and then taking actions.

“People are conversational by nature. Now, companies can adapt routine interactions to start in ways that are more familiar and comfortable, thanks to advances in natural language technology,” said Saurabh Kumar, Actionable Science CEO and co-founder. “We are pleased to have this opportunity to demonstrate how virtual people — or bots — move from that starting point through to the end of a process and deliver improvements in customer experience, employee satisfaction and overall efficiency.”

“Virtual people have the potential to increase the quality of experiences for both customers and employees. Consumers get conversational support to ease decisions, and employees can focus on more value-added, rewarding work,” said Manish Sharma, Actionable Science co-founder. “This combination of conversational technology, machine learning and process automation has the potential to transform companies and even entire industries in the near future.”

Read the full news release.


Actionable Science's AI powered Virtual People make it easy for enterprise support teams to improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction and lower costs.

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    Actionable Science to host a webinar on how its virtual people can help transform service desk

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