We’re honored to have Steve Goldberg, a well knowntop-tierer human resources systems and technology thought leader join our board of advisors. We’re looking forward to collaborating on further skills building for Vera, our Virtual Employee for the HR function.

As CEO & Co-Founder Saurabh Kumar noted in the news release, “We’re thrilled to have Steve join us because a key area of focus for us is using AI technology to develop and provide skilled Virtual Employees who are purpose-built to join enterprise HR teams and be immediately productive for simple and complex HR support needs. Having Steve’s guidance and insights will add to our vision and further the development of our Virtual Employees for HR roles.”

Our lead Virtual Employee for HR duties is Vera, who is a fully digital agent providing personalized, first-level HR support to an enterprise’s employees.

Vera handles common, repetitive HR tasks such as employee onboarding, answering policy questions and various HR Helpdesk activities. Vera, along with all of the company’s Virtual Employees, handles processes end-to-end, beginning with talking to users through natural language processing, thinking about solutions via machine learning, and then acting on follow-up steps by connecting to robotic process automation.

Read more about Steve’s background in the news release. Welcome, Steve, to the Actionable Science team!


Actionable Science's AI powered Virtual People make it easy for enterprise support teams to improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction and lower costs.

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