The new age digital customer demands personalized experiences and ease of access across all touch points. With technology putting unprecedented power in the hands of the customers to dictate the rules for purchasing goods and services, 3 out of 4 customers expect immediate service within five minutes of the first contact. This graduation from a transaction-based economy to relationship-based economy demands a more personalized and seamless customer experience and this is where technological advancements like automation, bots, AI are making their presence felt.

AI-powered bots and cognitive automation are quickly becoming the driving force for digital transformation across all enterprises. Enterprises should leverage conversational technologies to drive increased cost savings, labor efficiencies, and enhanced customer experiences throughout their businesses.

An effective customer experience strategy mandates the need to empower humans while manning the frontline customer care operations through technology. AI-powered technologies automate the routine tier-1 support tasks so that support workforce can focus on more complex requests that require human intervention.

It is important to remember that AI enabled technologies cannot take the place of an organization’s people, processes, and best practices. The machine gathers data and learns from people and processes in the organization. When properly deployed, it can help automate service management responses and deliver the following benefits.

Lesser cost per ticket

Cost per ticket is a measure of how effectively an IT helpdesk service conducts work and leads its business. If AI assistants are introduced in IT helpdesk, general issues get resolved and reduce the number of tickets which in turn lower the MTTR. The faster the MTTR, the lower its cost per ticket.

Minor/general issues will be resolved by virtual assistants using troubleshooting techniques and self-service options. Support personnel gets engaged in resolving only major issues which help them increase their productivity and cut the cost per ticket.

24/7 Availability

Extending support after office hours is always a challenge in the enterprise environment. Solving an issue arising after office hours or during downtime is tough. These issues are added to queue until the support staff gets time to address them leading to a slowdown in productivity.


Actionable Science's AI powered Virtual People make it easy for enterprise support teams to improve productivity, enhance customer experiences, increase employee satisfaction and lower costs.

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